Thursday, December 22, 2005

What, me organized?

I have an Excel spreadsheet with my yarn in it. I try to keep it correct. For a while now, I've been trying to figure out why the sock yarns didn't match the spreadsheet. So, the other day, in a fit of something, I updated it. I weighed out the yarns that were seconds to get the correct amounts, and got it all correct. Still couldn't figure out where the yarn had gone. But, it was updated, and with that virtuous feeling of a job well done, I went on with my life. Wondering what I was going to do with 23 ounces of 3 ply black Kroy!

Days later, in cleaning out for Serena's arrival for Christmas, I find two Rubbermaid totes. Hm, what are they doing in the sewing room? They must be empty, totes don't belong there. You guessed it. The missing yarn has been found, and moved back to the yarn room, but NOT into the yarn closet, where I'd think it had been put back into the spreadsheet.

Want to bet that I have MORE black 3 ply Kroy?


Helle from Denmark said...

I never bet.........when you say like that, i'll bet you have more of it!*GRIN*

dianne noe said...


Merry Christmas - of course you have more black Kroy!

Anonymous said...

Been a busy season, just checked in, and--those gorgeous yew photos. You posted them on my birthday! Thank you--I'd been missing real weather and those are just wonderful. Trade you California weather for a few days. Or at least till the second time I have to shovel snow.

--Alison Hyde