Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rats and darn

Actually, today has been a great day. There wasn't even a pre-migraine today! That is absolutely fabulous! It has been a wonderful day in that respect.

But at the same time, it means that yesterday I realized that I have another food allergy/intolerence. This was NOT what I wanted. In the least. But, when I realized that I've been in a migraine or pre-migraine for several days, I had to try to isolate the problem. I finally did. It took a couple of false starts, but I did eventually get there. Darn it.

Part of me rants that there is ANOTHER thing I can no longer eat. But then, the idea of being without a migraine is inviting too.

Am I at the end of food reactions? I REALLY don't want to lose anything else!

On the positive side, because I wasn't having breathing/migraine problems, I am almost up to the underarms on the sweater I'm knitting for me!

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