Saturday, June 09, 2007

Spinning at the Fair

By the way, I did check with the Extension Office, and they are interested in me demo-ing spinning at the County Fair. I'm trying to decide if I should bring some cheap drop spindles (toy wheel spindles? CD spindles?) for people to experiment. I could send the spindles home with some of the 4-H fleeces that I had made into roving. The roving has vegetable matter in it, but it would at least give them the idea of what is to be done.

I figure I'll take at least the 2 smaller wheels -- I don't know if I can get the walking wheel (is that the name for it? can't remember tonight and am feeling lazy about looking it up!) in our car to take it! It needs repairs, so I don't think it would be worthwhile to take it anyway.

I will be doing the demonstration after the sheep show and before the bottle lamb judging, so the timing should be fairly good to catch the interest of people interested in sheep! Maybe next year it can expand -- we'll see.

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Serena said...

Yes, it's a walking wheel... :) Glad you're getting to do that at the fair. Love you!