Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ya never know...

Saturday was our knitting get-together. 3 others showed up, and we enjoyed a good chat. I had, unfortunately brought knitting that was beyond my prednisone level (I don't know quite how else to decribe it -- I couldn't DO it!) and hadn't brought anything else to do. The time before that I'd brought a spindle.

When we left, I felt as if I hadn't made a difference. That this time I'd just not gotten it right. Whatever "it" is. Yesterday I received an e-mail and a call from Mary, thanking me for the session. She commented that Deb and she had both gotten so much out of it. Which stunned me.

I guess I need to accept that it doesn't matter that I think I did badly, so long as I keep trying, and others benefit from my actions.

Today I needed to go to the hospital for a test. Just as I got there Respiratory Therapy was called with an emergency. I'd come prepared, though. I pulled out my handy dandy spindle and spun away. No stress or worry, just enjoy the lovely merino flowing through my hands. Delightful!

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AlisonH said...

We never know what impact we have. Good for her for saying that.