Sunday, June 17, 2007

Various thoughts on knitting

I've slowly come to accept that the meds I take affect my knitting life. It is a trade-off, do I want to knit really well, or do I want migraines. I chose the no-migraine route, thank you. Those many weeks of struggling with a migraine that wouldn't let up took a lot out of me.

That being said, this sweater I'm working on right now is kicking my butt! It shouldn't be so hard! The last debacle was the hood. Next came the amazing too short sleeve. I wound up frogging that one back, and knit it again. But for some reason, the second sleeve is not matching the first! This is not pleasant! Looking at the two sleeves together, I believe the first one is going to have to be frogged back all the way to discover what I did wrong the first time. sigh

Happy Father's Day to all the true fathers out there! The ones that love their children, and show them along the path to a healthy life, physically emotionally and spiritually!

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