Monday, June 18, 2007

Sheesh, subtitled, do you know how long this will take?

Some time ago Belinda sent me some wonderful Australian merino roving. In fact, she sent 128 grams (says so on the original package.) I have been spinning on this and spinning on this. For some unknown reason (probably due to the donor! Look at her PictureTrail album and marvel at her knitting and spinning!) I've been spinning this laceweight. That means it is taking me a LONG time to spin this up. For example, today I spun for close to 2 hours. With the earlier singles that had been spun on the spindle (Anne Grout acorn spindle) I have a total of 6 freaking grams! of singles spun! There is something very wrong with this picture! After all of my spinning, I still have 85 grams left to spin up. This feels almost like the Aegean Stables. I can spin the rest of my life and still have this gorgeous roving left to spin up! LOL That straw in the foreground is my 6 grams of fiber -- you can see how fine the single I'm spinning is. The middle section is fiber that has been separated but not attenuated. The back is the original fiber. Perhaps I should give up and spin it perhaps -- worsted weight?! Don't get me wrong, I love spinning this, it is just scrumptious to spin up! But it is NOT a quick and easy spin!
After spinning up a spindle-full, I decided to try to Navajo ply this bit. Um, not one of my more successful attempts. I'll try again on a different spindle/wheel, and see if I can get it to work better. I like the idea of Navajo plying, as it will keep the colors together better. But today's plying efforts were cack-handed. They wound up in the trash instead.

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