Sunday, July 15, 2007


My Mom had a button box when we were growing up. It was, I believe, a red checked gift box that had held jams from Knotts Berry Farms. It was always a treat to dig through the buttons, some were plain, some were shiny, some had little bits of glass. We didn't do it very often, but it is a fun memory.

Somewhere along the way I started saving buttons too. Not too far into our married life, from the looks of the button jars! I have 2 - 1 gallon jars to hold my buttons. It all started from sewing, then we bought 2 fruitcake tins of them at an auction, then Ivadell gave me a jar of them...

It is almost a constant, however, that if I need buttons for a specific project, I don't have what I need on hand. Now that the fabric store where I used to buy them is closed, the situation is even more dire. I spent some time yesterday going through buttons for the 3 baby sweaters I have nearly completed.

In the process, it was a trip down memory lane. I found the leftover buttons from dresses for Serena, buttons that I purchased when she was tiny figuring I'd have them on hand when I needed, buttons left over from projects I sewed for Howard, some of the buttons I recognized from the auction and Ivadell. I found buttons out of deer horn made several years before his death in 93 by my Uncle Myran. I went through the buttons and remembered. I remembered both kids going through the buttons. When I needed to keep them busy, I'd ask them to string like buttons on thread. I had fun with all the memories.

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wheezeybouncer said...

i reckon you should do a cardi with lots of different buttons!