Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cocoa (Mis)Adventure!

Serena gave me a tin of cocoa from Costa Rica -- the brand is Cafe Britt. This morining I decided to indulge myself with some. Opened the tin for the first time, and was confronted with a shiny foil pouch (I thought.) Tried to shake it out to find the opening, nothing. While it was upside down, my finger punctured the foil. Cocoa EXPLOSION! sigh Cocoa landed on the counter, in the silverware drawer, but little on the floor. Most of the flatware that had been in that drawer is now awaiting a run through the dishwasher. As are the trays that hold them. I was able to salvage most of the cocoa -- it seemed like more had landed everywhere than actually did. Luckily, a lot had landed in the mug that I had ready for my cocoa, so I was able to transfer it back into the tin. Such a lot of work for a mug of cocoa!

Finally my cocoa is ready, and I am sipping away at in, enjoying the rich flavor and warmth. I'll definitely order from them, but in the future I'll remember how to open the package! All I can do is laugh about it.

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AlisonH said...

So...was it worth the effort, then? Sounds like it was good!