Monday, July 02, 2007


Thursday Howard and I took off west. We went through western Iowa, then it was across Nebraska. Now Nebraska always feels as if it is taking such a long time to cross. I believe it is 368 miles or so on I-80. Not sure of the exact amount. Then I read in their state tourist booklet that it took the pioneers a MONTH to walk across the state! Talk about taking a long time! That put things somewhat in perspective for me. It still feels amazing that it takes almost the entire day to cross the state at today's speeds!

We took a jog north, and stopped in Scottsbluff for the night. Arrived just in time for a thunderstorm -- which was very welcome in that drought-stricken area. The rain didn't last long, but was pleasant. We'd planned to swim, but there were many children in the pool, and I didn't want to risk getting my foot banged.

The next morning we headed for the Brown Sheep Yarn outlet. Whee! So very much fun! I was restrained, and still bought a lot of yarn. grin And a little bit of superwash roving, because I loved the colors. I'll show pictures, if people really want to see my haul, but otherwise won't.

Finally I can share my news! The Sunday before Mother's Day Nathan and Kim announced that they will have a child in December. BUT, they wanted to wait to tell my family (my parents and siblings) until this weekend. I didn't want to say anything that might reveal the information to them so have really restricted what I write, which has been difficult! Friday night they handed my parents, sister and brother cards inviting them to celebrate with them and a tiny bracelet that says "BABY".

Among the things I bought at Brown Sheep, I bought yarn to knit a baby blanket. My mom is going to do one square and my daughter will finish that strip. I'll do the rest of the blanket. I think it will be neat to do a 3 generation blanket. We'll be making it from a Brown Sheep Wildfoote, a superwash wool/nylon sock yarn so it can be thrown in the washer and dryer as needed. We'll knit with two strands so it will go faster.

I handed Kim a pile of knitting booklets and books that have baby sweaters, and asked her to write down the ones she likes the most. Hopefully that will enable me to knit things she likes!

I did buy the yarn for another Mermaid for me and some new hand-paint that I've not decided what it will become. Lots of sock yarn to make baby things. Perhaps a shell for me out of Cotton Fine, as the woman said that machine washing makes the wool pill out. I'd originally picked it for the baby, but can force myself to make it for me. grin

I've not knit since the first hour or so of the trip. Peak flow is in the "almost neb" stage, which is probably the reason why. I did, however, spin. The first picture is my little support spindle and the singles that came off of it. The little skein is the result of my Navajo plying -- a first for me. I'd tried before and it wasn't pretty!

Sitting on Serena's deck, writing on the computer is heaven! There are some deer who live just beyond the property line, this morning a doe rested under the deck for several hours while Howard was on the deck, then she slowly came out and started eating. It is hot, but the awning provides shade, there is a lovely breeze, and the heat releases that distinctive evergreen smell. This is the best picture I could get of her. The elk are in town, we can hear them calling in the evenings. Nathan finally got to see some, every other visit they have been absent.

Tora-chan is not amused that we are on the deck without her. She really believe that she should be here as well! Not going to happen, but she can dream. I think she and Titania really think they could catch the deer. Um, no dear.

I'll write more later, this post has gone on long enough!


wheezeybouncer said...

congratulations nathan and kim!!! december babies are cool :o)

(let me know if htey have a colour scheme so i can order their sling in it- its my favourite baby gift these days!)

Gamma said...

Oh Mary congrats to all on the baby! I will tell you being a grammie is the best thing. Kelli's little son is 2 months old today. Also FYI, PTL David is home from Iraq!!

Love you, Rita

AlisonH said...

Congratulations on the coming fellow December baby! That's wonderful news!