Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thanks Howard, Happy Birthday Mom, Random thoughts

First of all, Happy Birthday Mom! We've almost lost you a couple of times, I'm delighted you are still around! Glad we were all able to get together, laugh and enjoy each others' company again!

A big THANK YOU to Howard. Since I witnessed the neighbor being beaten around Easter, I've had trouble sleeping at night. I think a part of me has tried to stay awake in case it happened again, so I could call the police. This has NOT made for a good night's sleep! I slept well while we were in Colorado. Yesterday Howard moved our beds into what used to be the guest room. I slept so much better last night!

The baby blanket is growing. I'm almost finished with the second strip. I also had to order more yarn. This is going to be larger than I'd originally planned, so I'm going to run out of yarn. Since I'm making it in blocks, the dye lot shouldn't make a difference. I'm playing with the solid color squares, using going through my stitch pattern books and choosing ones that can be made with 30 stitches. Much more fun than solid stockinette squares. And the patterned ones seem to knit up faster than plain ones. Seems funny that I have to buy more yarn after buying so much at Brown Sheep. But... Such a hardship! LOl

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