Thursday, July 12, 2007

Okay, I'm confused

When each of our children moved out for good, we sent along household goods to start their new life. You know, such important things as silverware, dishes and the like. Yesterday with the chocolate debacle, I looked carefully at the silverware drawer. My initial reaction was "what in the world?" Because we have almost a complete set for 8 of one pattern, but only one knife and one fork in that pattern. The other set is an almost complete set of 4. They are similar, but not alike. The question comes in, does one (or both) of my cherubs have the others in the first pattern and the rest in the second? What did Nathan and Kim do with the silverware he had after their wedding? How in the world can you lose 7 knives and 7 forks? It is almost enough to want to send the whole kit and caboodle to the rummage sale and indulge in new silverware! I'd really prefer a matching set!

I'm also contemplating new everyday dishes. We have 3 partial sets of Corelle dishes. Again, there is a touch of confusion here! LOL Neither situation is a big deal, but it is a puzzle.

I started a baby sweater today, for a friend of Serena's who is going to have her second child soon. One of the two toddler sweaters I knit earlier will go to the big brother. I'm waiting to see what kind of baby sweaters Kim likes before I start knitting for the grandtad. I'm knitting
Presto Chango from the Jimmy Beans Wool website. I'm using a variegated Wildfoote from Brown Sheep, so I won't be doing the pattern on the panel, but stockinette. The pattern would be lost in a dark variegated yarn, so what is the point! A baby sweater in worsted weight (2 strands together) won't take a long time, and will be both wool and machine washable! A plus for a baby in the Denver area!

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