Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hm...Knitting Woes

It has been a frustrating few days for my knitting.

The 3 generation afghan is struggling. I bought enough sock yarn at the Brown Sheep outlet (seconds) to make a small baby blanket. It needs to be crib sized.

I am knitting 5 panels 6 1/2 inches wide, alternating the 2 colors every 6 1/2 inches. I have 2 1/2 panels knit. I ordered more yarn from another a web source, as Brown Sheep doesn't do retail except at the outlet, and the color of the solid yarn is decidedly different. The first purple was a red purple, the new purple is a blue purple. I suppose that is why the first color was sold as a second! The variegated is different as well, but not enough to be of a concern. I called Brown Sheep to see if they had more of the red-purple so I could order it via the same web source I'd used before, but it has sold out.

Part of the problem is that this is going to be knit by 3 generations for our new grandchild to be. My mom (Great-grandma to be) knit a square and Serena (Aunt to be) took over on that panel and is knitting the rest. So that yarn (the original colors) is not here, but many miles away. I'm not going to ask them to frog what they've done and start over.

I can see three options, I'm hoping someone else can see more or suggest which of my options is best.

Option 1: Continue as I've begun, with the color difference and hope no one will notice. Chances of no one noticing pretty poor, I think, although DH didn't notice a difference in the colors. I ran out of yarn in the middle of a panel, so one end of that panel would be red purple and the other blue purple.

Option 2: Frog the left and right panels (as seen above) but keep the center panel, which matches DD's. Knit 3 others with a strand of the old color and a strand of the new one giving a slightly heathered look.

Option 3: Keep the center panel (above) to match DD's with the old yarn and then 3 with the new yarn. I'm still going to have to frog, as I don't think there is enough yarn to finish DD's panel. I'm wondering if the contrast will be too great.

Actually, looking at the picture, I think the color of the variegated IS off enough to be noticeable. whimper

As you can see, the i-cord edging on this is too loose. I tightened it and sent it off to Serena with the other little one I'd finished (earlier post.) Howard put them in his suitcase to give to her.

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s b said...

If you have enough yarn from each dyelot, I would knit two panels from one dyelot (a), and three panels from the other (b) Attaching the 5 strips together, I would alternate dyelots: b-a-b-a-b That will distribute the color evenly throughout the blanket. Good luck--I'm sure the blankie will turn out beautifully and be well-loved no matter what you decide with the yarn