Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I think it is good news...

Saw the podiatrist today. He told us that the optimal time to pin a fracture is within the first 14 days. Since we are long past that point, I have to wait until the foot heals on its own, no matter how long that takes, then he will assess the repair to see if it needs to be re-broken and pinned. For the foreseeable future, I'm in the boot.

The baby afghan is almost half-way knit. I have 2 strips completed and ran out of yarn on the third. Serena has almost enough to make a 4th strip. I've already called and ordered more yarn. Isn't it funny how purchasing what you believe will be more than enough sometimes bites you in the behind? I bought all of the original lovely yarn as seconds at an extremely good price. Now that I'm home, I have to buy it at full price to finish the blanket. Snivel.

I need another knitting project. I'll have to decide whether to start the shell again or knit something else. The socks are in time-out -- again. I really wish I could pick them up and finish them, but it isn't happening right now. I was going to start knitting baby hats for our friendly hospital, but I left that yarn at Serena's. They insist the yarn be fingering weight, which is harder and harder to find. We couldn't find it in the two stores in Ames we tried. I need to call around.

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