Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm getting there!

Kim's Mermaid is getting there. Why is it that I sometimes seem to go slower as I finish a project? There are so many things I find to distract me! LOL Looking at the pattern, there are 25 sections in the body of the Mermaid. I have 3 sections and 4 rows more to go. I can do this! Then it is the miles of i-cord edging and I'm done!

I am seriously looking at getting new yarn for Serena's Graduation Aran remake. One of the problems I had was not catching both strands of yarn as I knit it. I had the same problem with my Mermaid, and it is frustrating. Using a single strand of the right size certainly makes a BIG difference, as I can knit without having to watch quite so closely.
So, suggestions where I can find teal wool in Aran weight that isn't going to break the bank? It has to be teal -- as I am remaking the sweater and the original was teal. SOMEONE is particular about this on the remake. I suggested different shoulders (it is a drop shoulder) and was told that she wanted it EXACTLY like the original, except for narrower sleeves and in wool instead of acrylic. Daughter dear, I love you! grin
I have spent some time online looking for the yarn, and haven't been greatly successful. Most of the Aran weight yarn I've found is merino (I don't think it will show the cables to best advantage -- not to mention the wear factor -- it will probably pill easily) or not wool.
Here are 2 pictures of the original sweater. The first picture has the newest incarnation with it --
you can see I've not gotten very far with it. The second picture has a better view of the patterning, but the color is WAY off! The first picture is closer, but still not accurate. sigh


The Spindling Scot said...

My first stop shop is always Janettes.
She sources from the UK and sends around the world and doesn't rip you off.

You do need to trawl though as the site is a bit dis-organised. Teal Aran here:


If neither of these is what you are looking for, let me know, and I'll see who else I can dig up with Teal.

PS Jannette has huge undisclosed stock, it is always worth emailing her with the colour and weight you need, she is very helpful :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi! glad to know you! I'll spin you a treasure! (I do like JS Bach to!)

lisabeth said...

You can finish it!!!! I have the same problem... It's exciting to start a new project but once you've been doing it forever, you loose the motivation. Be excited about getting it off the needles!!