Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Okay Serena

Today I sent LOTS of websites to Serena to choose which yarn she liked for her Aran. This is the woman (hey, she's grown up, hard as it is for a mother to accept! LOL) who wanted the sweater to be as exact a replica as possible, except for the original sweater was acrylic and now she wants wool. Oh, and to reshape the sleeves as they are a bit full for today's standards.

In the spirit of keeping your mom guessing, SHE CHOSE A DIFFERENT COLOR! She no longer wants teal. She wants a dark steel blue. Has the civilized world come to an end? LOL I wrote her and commented that she was going completely out of the box. This was her response: "I am. I got up this morning, and (after I got past the zombie-stumbling around-groaning-and-waving-my-arms bit) decided to go right outside the box!" What's a mother to do? After picking myself off the floor in the shock, I decided to go with the flow. She's kept me guessing this long, why stop now!

The Mermaid body is done. Now I am on the miles of i-cord edging the front. Miles, I tell you! I believe the are 350 some stitches to be engulfed by this i-cord. Um, I don't like i-cord, if you can't tell. I can't get any rhythm going, 3 stitches, pick up one from the front to be knit on the next row, bring the yarn around and knit 3 stitches again. Repeat 348 more times. Be careful when putting down the work in the middle, so you don't drop stitches or the 5" doublepoint needles. EEK!


lisabeth said...

Unfortunately, I've done the same to my own mother. I apologize on behalf of all the daughters who can't make up their minds!! I'm sure it will come back to bite us in our rears someday.

Judy said...

That's life! At least steel blue is a nice colour too...