Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Well, I finished my skein of alpaca/mohair. I'm not happy with it, my plying needs to be improved. But it looks gorgeous in the skein, doesn't it! LOL I did get it to sport weight range -- 16 WPI! That's the finest I've spun yet. I do want to be able to spin finer, but I'm happy with this!

This is what is on Serena's Sleeping Beauty Wheel. It is a saxony wheel, right now, as you can see, I'm using the regular flyer. I'm confused as to why there are the whorls for the bobbin and the flyer. I've been spinning like this.
Am I actually supposed to be spinning like this? No directions came with this wheel, I'm winging it!

Found out the problem with the bulky flyer -- when Howard picked up the maiden for this part and said it was really loose. So, I asked him to tighten the screws that attached to two supports for the bulky flyer. Tah-dah! It no longer falls off. Why didn't I THINK OF THAT SOONER?

Amazing what one will do to avoid cleaning the house for the kids coming home! I pulled out the air mattress for the guest room today, the electric pump for it is --- in the storage unit (you saw that coming didn't you?) There is a foot pump, do you think I can get a queen size bed pumped up by Friday? Serena gets in really late Friday night -- in Omaha. We'll spend the night there, and drive home Saturday. Somehow, arriving home at 3-4 in the morning doesn't sound like one of my smarter ideas. But, the bed will need to be ready for her. Nathan and Kim will arrive Sunday. Then this house will be REALLY full, and there is going to be lots of laughter. How many games of Phase 10 will be playing this weekend?

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