Friday, December 22, 2006

Long Night

Last night was the longest of the year. Right now it feels dark most of the time -- the sky is grey, the sun rises late and sets early.

I lit candles last night, as a way of countering the darkness. Not an original thought, but we each bring light into our own lives as we can. Yes, Monday we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but last night started the descent into winter. At the same time, it brings us hope as the days slowly get longer again. Will we bring more light to others? How will we do it? Supporting Doctors Without Borders, Heifer Project, advocating for peace... It is all up to individuals. Without committed people, nothing can be accomplished. Each of us, in the way we can, work together in this web of life.

I wonder why the new year doesn't start on the day after solstice? It would seem more appropriate.

Signs of the time, Serena's bed was pumped up by the foot bellows (yes, dear, your parents DO love you!) and has taken up residence in my fiber room. The tubs hold my yarn stash. I'm not talking about the spinning stash! LOL

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The Spindling Scot said...

I think the problem was the solstice was seen as a pagan celebration, and was amongst other celebrations the Roman feast of Saturnalia (a bit frisky with the orgies).

However I agree, it feels more appropriate at the time of the return of the sun.

Happy holidays!