Sunday, December 17, 2006

Spinning Wheel Problem

I have custody of Serena's Sleeping Beauty Wheel. It has both the regular spinning head and the bulky spinner.

I am having problems with the bulky spinner. I've attached photos to try to show the problem. The two pictures below hopefully show it. You can see the flyer is only partly on the support when the spindle end is all the way in. The second picture shows that the spindle doesn't meet the support when the flyer is in position. If I try to spin with it, the spindle falls off. Any suggestions? I'm flummoxed. I tried to put a loop of yarn on the flyer to keep it in place, but that didn't work. Help!

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Serena said...

Maybe Al could get a piece of thick dowel, of the right circumference, that would extend the length enough to fit?