Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Suddenly Snow!

The forecast today was for clear skies. The day remained overcast, and suddenly it started snowing. The weather forecaster on the news tonight mentioned our highway as being snow covered -- suggested caution when driving. I am SO glad we don't have to be out tonight. I do plan to drive to St. Paul tomorrow for a funeral, I'm hoping the roads have cleared up by then! The prediction is that they will...

Knitting on the Mermaid stopped for yesterday, as Howard and I both wound up with the flu. I picked it up again today, it is progressing nicely. I passed the half-way point of the body today, and am on the downhill slope to the finish! YAY! I'd post pictures, but I don't know if you really want to see a progress photos when I've knit it twice before! After all, it shouldn't be all that long before you see the COMPLETED sweater!

As I'm entering the home stretch on this, I'm starting to ponder my next project. I do want to finish the scarf that has been started (that shouldn't take long) and then what do I knit next? I have the yarn from Webs for a Rogue (thank you Serena for that as a gift!) Actually, I have a LOT of yarn! One thought is to try to pick up Serena's graduation sweater replacement and see how long it takes me to finish it, as it isn't very far along. I'm trying to understand how Judy can knit an Aran in 1 - 2 weeks, do you not do anything else as you do that? What weight of yarn and size of needles do you use? I'll have to look to see what size of needles I am using -- I know that I'm using 2 strands of Brown Sheep NatureSpun Sport. As this is a replacement sweater for one I made for Serena for high school graduation, I'm making it out of a teal and re-creating the pattern that I created then. But it is of a different fiber -- last time was acrylic this time wool. Our fiber "taste" has changed -- when I made it originally my consideration was easy care for her. NOW she knows how to take care of woolens and doesn't like the feel of acrylic.


The Spindling Scot said...

For a two week Aran:

Choose a pattern you love, no honestly this helps.
Choose yarn you love, handspun or commercial. I have a stash of different types from pure wool to wool/cashmire/silk mix.
Use your favourite needles size 5mm (US 8) for main body.

Knit only in the evenings 2-3 hours + maybe a little extra at the weekend if you have a chance.

I knit flat, but you can knit in the round. I may try the round thing out as after the initial learning curve it has the potential to be faster.

It's all what you are used to, I grew up knitting with a needle belt making Aran (Scottish Aran) jumpers.

Most of all enjoy yourself!

PS What is the Aran KAL like? I am thinking of joining.

The Spindling Scot said...

Silly me! I just re-read your blog - why two strands of wool for Aran?
Is Aran weight yarn difficult to get in the USA? If so I can give you some sites for purchasing from the UK, strangely enough this often works out cheaper than US prices even with postage!

fiberfanatic said...

I'm using two strands of wool because it was the only yarn I could find in the color she wanted. I'm interested in the sites you mentioned! Mary