Sunday, December 17, 2006

Spinning Results

I've been spinning the last few days, and enjoying it a lot! Yesterday produced the best skein ever! Of course, I was using pencil roving, so I cheated a bit.

Here are the angora/Cormo skeins I was spinning. They are underplied, but I'm concerned that if I ply them again they will be OVERplied. A nice scarf?
This is the Cormo pencil roving I spun up yesterday. Evenly plied, for once! I'm concerned that it is heavier than my partner wanted, so am looking through the stash to see what else I can use to spin finer. wince When I sampled, the yarn looked as if it would be the proper weight. See how even it is on my wrap sample? I get 13.5 wpi. That is just above the top end of sport, and into DK. What do you thin?

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