Saturday, December 23, 2006


Yesterday we drove to Omaha, via Ames (where I had my glasses repaired) and Des Moines (Barnes and Noble! YAY!)

At the vision place, the lady said, "Here are your eyes back" and then in an aside said "and this is more true than normal!" As someone who has walked into a wall when I didn't have my glasses, I had to laugh and agree! The day I left for my cousin's funeral, one of the nose pieces fell off. Luckily, it wasn't painful to wear them without it, and I could adapt to the vision change (hey I have lineless bifocals, the viewpoint changed!)

While we were driving, Serena let me know that she had gotten her boarding pass and a seat assignment. That made it feel that she was actually going to fly out of Denver and make it for Christmas.

Then on to Barnes and Noble where we bought more books. Big surprise, I'm sure! I've not finished cataloging all of our books, but the ones in
Library Thing say we had 2,595 before yesterday's acquisitions. I still have a section of Howard's library that needs to be input. I've been MEANING TO, but you know how it is... I need to be in his office with his computer, when HE isn't using the computer.

Then on to Omaha. We checked into the motel, and settled in to read our new books while we waited. Serena let us know the flight was delayed, so we read on, occasionally checking the website for updates. The flight was delayed again and again. But finally we got the text message that they were boarding. The next time we checked the website, the plane was in the air. At 1:45 we left for the airport. Shortly after 2 AM, we were hugging our daughter. Only 3 hours late. Back to the motel and in bed by 3 AM. By shortly after 2 PM we were home.

It is so nice to have her around. I know the time is short, but we will enjoy our time with her. Tomorrow Nathan and Kim come, and our joy will be full! All our family around us for Christmas! Whee!

No photos, sorry! Hopefully when next I post.

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merry christnas all, may it be blessed and peaceful

nuch love xxx
geina, clive, sian and beth