Saturday, January 05, 2008


We drove up to see Justin and his parents yesterday, coming home today. We wanted to meet him! Justin didn't have a good night last night. He tried his best to keep Mommy and Daddy up all night. That was hard work! He spent almost the entire time today asleep. We went out to lunch before we said goodbye, this is how impressed he was with the entire situation! Sound asleep! You will notice that everything is a bit large for him -- right now 0-3 month clothing is large on him. We are sure he will grow, but he looks tiny, doesn't he!

Here is my favorite shot of the ones we took, Grandpa and Justin! Grandpa was able to hold him and he'd stay awake (not crying, just watching and looking around.)

I retained the title of most boring person around and he went to sleep every time I held him. This has been happening for years -- it seems that when I hold a baby, no matter the mood he/she is in, they fall asleep. May I note that this did NOT work with my children! It has proven true with other babies, from those in the Peds section at the hospital (when I volunteered there), to infants in the church -- whenever I get to hold an infant. This morning he was fussy, I held him and he went to sleep. Yesterday he wasn't fussy, he still fell asleep.


Serena said...

Yah, pictures! They look great, thanks for putting them up so fast. I want to see my nephew before the end of the month! Love you!

wheezeybouncer said...

psst it's nothing to do with boring and all to do wiht the heartbeat!