Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today has been one of THOSE days. Drove DH to the doctor (45 minutes away.) As we left town, I stopped to get gas. Could NOT figure out the gas pump. I interpreted what it was saying as push a button to start your gas. (It said select gas, and showed a row of buttons.) Finally DH told me to flip the lever. sigh

Doctor told us that he could drive now. I said "you can drive home!" Nope, he didn't have his wallet along, so no driver's licence. The nurse put the cast on. Home we went. I seriously considered stopping to get something to drink, but we didn't.

As we pulled into our driveway, his cell phone rang. My purse was still at the doctor's office. This isn't normal behavior for me. Neither of us can remember that happening before. We piled back in the car and took off. With his afternoon meeting in town, there wasn't time for lunch.

We decided that he should drive back, as he now had a driver's license with him and I didn't. First indication of trouble: he couldn't turn the key in the ignition.

As I was passenger, I knit. Or tried to. The yarn tangled, badly. I finally gave up and broke the offending yarn and untangled it that way. By the time I had that sorted, I was only able to knit a few rows.

When we arrived he again couldn't turn the key in the ignition. His movement with the hand is also restricted. He decided that it is going to be the better part of valor to wait until the cast comes off next week.

We came home again, he called on the way to have his secretary put off his appointment for a half hour. I got him there 2 minutes late. Are we having fun yet?

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