Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I'm really pleased how this sweater turned out. I'm glad I made the changes that I did. Now to wait for Justin to grow enough to be able to wear it! I'm wondering whether I should make the matching hat, or call it.

So far in January (the month is almost over, but there are a few knitting days left) I've knit 1.2 miles of yarn. My mind boggles a bit over that fact. It helps that this sweater was done with two strands at a time, double the amount of yardage used!

I did learn a valuable lesson. I was 21 ridges away from finishing. Decided to do the math as to how many stitches remained to be knit (as I was determined to finish all but one gusset and the ends Sunday evening. I found that to be an intimidating number. Instead of thinking "21 ridges, I can do that easily!" my thoughts turned to "21 ridges is 42 rows times 50 stitches is 2100 stitches that I expect to finish tonight? Who am I kidding!" I went back to "21 ridge, I can do this!" And, I did. Perspective. The way you think about things makes all the difference in the world.

We got haircuts yesterday and I love mine. Although today, with the dry air, wind and sleeping wrong, I have cowlicks! The bane of my mom's existence on picture day. I won't make you giggle by posting a picture, but you can giggle at the thought of my hair creating its own design today. Still in the shape it was given -- almost! grin

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