Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brain, what brain?

I looked at the hat I’m making for the library lady this morning. Thought it was too big, and took all 240 stitches off the needle. (I thought I needed to frog back about 8 rows, and it was too much to tink back stitch by stitch.) Then I put it on my head, and it was just the right size. I s-l-o-w-l-y put it back on the needle, one stitch at a time (just after a cable row too, what was I thinkinig?!) I am now down to the ear flaps and I’m trying to figure out the placement. Brain, what brain? It took 4 trips to the living room to get the knitting needle kit, so I could put a smaller needle on the left side, so the stitches would feed better. Just tried it on after one row of the needle change, and, as I said, it is ready to do the ear flaps which means I need to change needles again.

I know someone once wrote about placement of ear flaps. Now I need to find it again. I thought it was Kim Salazar of Wiseneedle, but I can't find it now. Oh well, back to finding other patterns and working out percentages.

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