Saturday, January 26, 2008

If anyone finds my brain, please let me know!

Justin's sweater is a simple color pattern, row 1& 2 black, 3 & 4 white, 5 & 6 black, 7 & 8 red. Today I skipped rows 5 and 6. Not as much frogging as it could be, but still! After knitting along this far, one would think I would pay attention to the pattern. At least a littl bit. Yes, it is mindless knitting, as garter stitch is wont to be. But the reason I like it is the color changes. Hello brain? Can we have a discussion here? You want to knit Hanne Falkenbergs, so you aren't bored stiff when knitting garter stitch, you gotta pay THAT much attention. Please. I'd really appreciate it.

Then I went to download some of the books I bought from The plan was to put some on my new iPod so I can read while I knit. The cord, she has gone poof! I actually picked up my knitting room! Not so much that others might notice, I still have the box of books up for trade at and I don't see a lot of point in putting them in a bookcase to come out when they go to a new owner. But still, there is a noticeable (to me) improvement. No cord. Maybe I should go back to bed? Take my knitting, of course.

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