Thursday, January 24, 2008


Should I call this a Medley of Mitts? I also thought Melange would work as well. I couldn't post until they were received, now could I! As shown in the earlier picture, my sister and parents were so pleased with the mitts I sent right after Christmas, they asked for more. So more they got. These are made from (from upper left) dark green Patons Kroy, Trekking and Patons Kroy, (center) Brown Sheep Wildefoot Symphony, Patons Canadiana, Patons Astra and Brown Sheep Wildefoot Violet Garden (I don't think that color is on the general market, I got both of these skeins at the Factory outlet. That was ALL of the symphony!)

Here is the Hanne Falkenberg "Tutti-Frutti" in my variation so far. Two strands of Patons Kroy for each color. I need to finish the back as well as the ends of both sleeves and the neckband. And, as you can see, I have ends to sew in. I really like how it is turning out. At first I'd planned to just use black and red, but it seemed so -- blah. I think the white really pulled it together and made it. I've gotten many compliments already on it!

This is for Stacey, who complains that it doesn't get cold there. Hm, I think she may be bragging instead of complaining, actually. We set a new record low temperature last night, this was the inside pane of a double paned window this morning. You KNOW it is cold when the outside door has frost on the inside.This happened in the kitchen, the lower edge of the door and the sill were white with frost on the inside. BRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

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Christi_scrapsalot said...

In 2007 I bought a year of knitting everyday box. Your Dragonscale wristwarmers were in it. I am thinking about making these for my 10 year old daughter, but I am a very basic knitter, knit, purl, tog, mo, is the basics of my knowelege. Do you happen to have an easier pattern you would be willing to share with me? Thanks so much!