Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Odd occurence

Sunday afternoon Howard went to the nursing homes for worship services at each of them. The churches in the area take turns so that there is a short service every Sunday afternoon, with lots of singing and a short message.

I dropped him off, with the understanding that he would call when he needed a ride home. The second place is across the street from the first, so he would walk between them.

Around the time that the second one was to start, the home phone rang. When I answered, I heard people singing "Jesus Loves Me." I realized, just before I hung up, that it was the second service. I listened through it (what I thought was the end) and left to pick up Howard. When I got there, he denied all knowledge of calling me (and if he had called, he would have called on my cell phone, not the landline.) Yeah, I checked his phone, he didn't call me. There wasn't a telephone in the room where the service is held. NO ONE that was there admits to calling me! We don't have caller ID on the home phones, so I couldn't figure it out that way.

And, to top it all off, he had a ride home! So who called me? It was an enjoyable phone call, but I'd feel better if I knew who had called!

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