Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Justin's Sweater

I have a bad habit of writing here when I'm in the car (doing a lot of that recently!) and then not actually putting it down. Blast it!

I started a Hanne Falkenberg Tutti-Frutti for Justin. Before you get offended at the idea, I've changed it so much, I'm not sure it would be recognized as her pattern. I'm knitting it in 3 colors with 2 strands of Kroy 3 ply sock yarn (what in the world was I thinking -- that is 6 strands on each piece!) and removing the bobbles.

I'll post a picture when I get home (and edit this sentence), as I just enjoy the way this is turning out. I confess that I stop knitting just to admire what I've done so far! My plan had been to knit it in red and black, but the thought came suddenly to add off-white as well. What a difference that makes! The colors play together so much better than just the black and red!

May you find pleasure in your tasks today! Even better, I hope you find joy!

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