Saturday, January 26, 2008

ah-ha! moment

I found the cable to my iPod, thank God! It was hiding near the printer for some reason (another room, let's not go into reasons.)

Had an ah-ha moment a bit ago as I was trying to resize a cable pattern from Ivanova and Carter Knit the 1/26 post. That one triggered an immediate idea for a new sweater. I spent probably 5+ minutes on the activity to suddenly realize that if I save it to the computer then put it in my picture editing program, I can resize it easily. Actually, the program does it for me. Whew! Takes seconds instead of minutes.

Justin's sweater is moving along. I will admit to measuring it again and again (actually counting rows, but it is the same thing!) The adult version of "are we there yet?" grin

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Carol said...

Thanks for mentioning the iandcknit blog - inspirational knits there!