Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I finally finished the 100% angora shawl I started in August. A variation on a shoulder shawl I've done many times. Instead of a square back, it is triangular. It can wrap around me and tie. I knit and knit on this. It was hard using the circulars, as the yarn caught on the needle each time, as it relaxed while on the cable. I finally gave up and put it on mis-matched straights. One wooden and one plastic. All I had! Whatever, it rescued the project from UFO-dom. The problem? With all of that knitting, the shawl weighs in at a whopping 2.2 ounces or 63.5 grams (the scale couldn't decide between 63 and 64 grams, it kept fluctuating back and forth) or 138 yards! This doesn't seem fair. It feels as if I knit a LOT more than that! Sure doesn't do much for my stash knitdown, as I still have 16+ ounces of the yarn/1049 yards left and no clue as to what to knit with this 3/10 or 62.5 yards/ounce angora! Suggestions?

Here is a friend's teddy bear wearing the Tutti-Frutti. I thought it looked kind of cute, but I couldn't get Teddy to look at me!

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Carol said...

Love the shawl. What about combining the angora with another yarn? Something like: