Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ack Spit!

My laptop is having issues. Right now it won't talk nicely to the camera. Among other things. Even though I have it instructed to save the pictures on the camera to my hard drive, it insists on trying to save them back to the camera, which doesn't appreciate the "gift."

Which means that the lovely pictues I wanted to show you of the dye job I did yesterday won't show up here until after the computer guy figures it out -- at the earliest tomorrow. There are enough problems that he wants to research all of them before taking the computer away from me.

I want to do the "Heere Be Dragone Shawl" "Heere Be Dragone Shawl" and thought I had the perfect yarn on hand, it matched yards per pound, but it was white. Helle had spun up a beautiful wool/angora yarn for me, and I truly thought that would be perfect, if I could get the dye job to work out "just right." Unfortunately, I forgot to take the nature of angora into account (my fault, I'm still really new at dyeing.) The yarn wound up with subtle variegations of tone within the skein. Enough that I'm afraid it will obscure that pattern, which would be a disaster with this shawl!

I also dyed the lovely skein of Gotland Florence my "Spin Me A Treasure" spoiler sent to me from Belgium. The grey tones were a bit too cold for me, so I also dyed it the bronze/gold in the same dyebath. It is gorgeous! I'm really looking forward to knit with it. ,

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