Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I gave up and called the pulmo's office (as we had agreed I would) to let his office know I am in the midst of asthma problems and I would start pred. Once again his office insisted that I should drive the 90 minute round trip to go to the office, pay the fee, and see thePA. I was upset. Howard suggested that I call my GP's office to see if I could get in. I did, and had the appointment this afternoon. I'm back on pred and also an antibiotic, just in case, because I've been fighting this for 4 days.

No exercise today, I didn't feel up to it. So far, the prednisone has not caused an energy burst either. I'd thought that perhaps it would, in which case I'd work out. Oh well.

Maybe I'll be able to knit again soon!


AlisonH said...

Best of luck. You have to be able to at least knit! (Because I said so. Well, that phrase worked when the kids were little.)

fiberfanatic said...

I wish. Only happens after 2 nebs. Not really great so far!