Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Vogue Knitting

Wow! What a GREAT issue! This is the first magazine issue I've seen in a while that I have found multiple project ideas -- things I want to pick up and do NOW! Sheesh! I'll do this one, and this one, and this one, and...

My internal image seems to be changing -- some of the pieces that before would have been rejected as "for a skinny person" now look as if they would be quite reasonable on me. I'll make them smaller than I currently am, because I'm shrinking. No point in making something that won't fit soon! Instead, I'll make it to complement the new me!

I'm so close to finishing the shawlette from Florence's handspun. Really I am. 3 more rows on the body then the ties. I can do this today. Really. Maybe if I keep telling myself. I keep getting interrupted by pred brain. In other words, I *knit a few stitches, check progress* and repeat between the *s*.

I don't know if it is because of pred brain or something else, but I have a VERY difficult time with 2 by 3 ribbing. K2 P3. I do all sorts or variations, as soon as I try to go on autopilot (which is frequently) I have to tink back and start over. Is it that I NEED a balanced pattern in my mind? I don't know. But it is very frustrating. If I had known I'd have this problem when I first started this I'd have changed it to k2 p4. Too late now, but it is something to note for the future.

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