Sunday, March 11, 2007


Right now I've not been knitting much -- which I just realized (as I typed that!) means I've probably needed to check my peak flow for several days. sigh I told you that I have a hard time realizing it!

The briefcase is pretty much a shapeless blob at this point, I have the body finished and am working away at the flap. Then I "just" have the strap, the pockets, the separator left to go. Still thinking about whether I need to line it with anti-static fabric or not.

Yesterday I sewed 2 aprons for my mom. She had asked for them (actually one not 2) in October while we were there, I just got around to it. The main problem was fabric. The closest fabric store is 1/2 hour away, and I hate to go that far just for fabric. Add in the problem that for part of the time we only had one car, and I didn't get over there. But just before the last snowstorm, I drove over, planning to go to the mega discount store, then to the fabric. But, while there I noticed that they had discontinued colors of bath sheets for $5. Much cheaper than fabric, probably. So I bought 2 and took them home. They were blue, Mom would be happy with any color so long as it is blue! LOL They sat there, waiting for me. Yesterday was THE day! I sewed them up, then found a box for them. All taped, addressed and waiting for me to take it to the post office tomorrow! Yay!


Anonymous said...

Aprons - now that is something I need to make up for myself. My current stock is wearing out...


wheezeybouncer said...

*whispers* mum, check your peak flow!

the girls are growing like weeds.

geina xx