Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Week Already?

I am working hard at this, as you can see by my totals! I don't expect this rate of decrease in weight to continue, but it is certainly nice while it lasts! Let's see what my doctor says tomorrow when I see him! I wonder if he will notice! I'm going to ask him about the newest recommendations for women's heart health. They now say that instead of the half hour a day several days a week that women should work out 60-90 (!) minutes a day EVERY day of the week. I'm at 60, do I have to go up to 90? Do you hear that whine? LOL

The briefcase is still going. And going. And going. That is the disadvantage of felting/fulling a project, you have to make it so much bigger than the final product!



lisabeth said...

Holy Moly!! You a busy, busy bee!

dianne ne said...


Yea on exercise! I do have a qustion on the "tickler" graphics you have... where did you get those? Perhaps if I set up something I would be more likely to move!

fiberfanatic said...


You can choose from all sorts of tickers and indicators. Fun. And a good way to see progress!