Sunday, March 25, 2007

Florence's Yarn

So, I decided to show the process this gorgeous yarn went through to get to where it is as the shawlette. Here is the yarn when it first arrived from Belgium (Florence makes paper too -- the skein wrapper was hand made from recycled paper. Beautiful!

Now I've dyed it, I love the way the light catches the wool and silk separately.

Knitting progress -- the purls catch the light differently than the knits, adding a different dimension.

It snugs against the shoulders so nicely. I can see myself throwing this on in winter for added warmth, in summer for breezes from the air conditioning. I had less than a yard/meter left of this wonderful yarn when I was done!

I grabbed a moment just before working out, hence the outfit. Though the brown top goes well with it, I think.

It is a little longer than expected (I told you I didn't do a gauge swatch!) but I can also toss the ends over my shoulders, pin it up higher -- all sorts of things.

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wheezeybouncer said...

*that* is gorgeous! you could wrap the extra length round your arms but leave the shawl open as well