Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday random thoughts

Look what came in the mail today! I participated in the Mystery Skein Swap, where we were paired up. Each sent a skein of yarn to their partner, who made something with it and sent it back. I sent some handspun white Cormo, my partner dyed it my colors and knit up this gorgeous shawl. Wow! If you look carefully, you can see the matching beaded ring holding the ends together.

On my personal knitting front, I finally seem to have gotten past my knitting block. This is a "Scrawl." The original was designed by Shelley Mackie and can be found here. I, of course, couldn't leave well enough alone, and changed the lace pattern. Instead of using sock yarn, I'm using some cinnamon colored alpaca that my knit buddy Dianne gave me for my birthday. It is knitting up fairly quickly -- it will go even faster once I get the pattern memorized! There is something about the 10 row pattern that hasn't "clicked" with my mind yet. I charted it in Stich and Motif Maker, but was too lazy to print it off. Just about the time I decided it was TIME to print it off, thunderstorms rolled through. sigh

I forgot to mention that Titania, our other grand-cat, was perfectly healthy when the vet saw her. Much to everyone's relief! Tora-chan is improving with the thyroid medication.

And last but not least, from the time I started until today, I put in 136.61 miles! I'm...astounded!

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AlisonH said...

Beautiful shawl. And I am SO glad to hear Tora-chan's okay!!!