Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday Progress Report!

I was going to present my celebration using the ticker to show that instead of the 100 miles I was going for, I've achieved 122.7 miles! Oddly enough, the ticker had a hard time dealing with the fact that I went BEYOND my goal. Poor thing. So I will change it to reflect my new goal. Between March 21st and July 4th I'm going to move this body 350 miles! That is the distance from here to Duluth. I can do this!

Weight hasn't been so good, but I can deal with it. I've shed a total of 10.25 inches!

The briefcase was fulled in the washing machine, but the inner pockets didn't get enough agitation. So, I've been wetting them down, and throwing it in the dryer. I think it is finally to an acceptable size. The little extra room there will be handy for stowage. It is no longer floppy.


lisabeth said...

WOW!!! I feel so guilty whenever you post your miles... I guess that means I need to start working out!

AlisonH said...