Saturday, March 03, 2007

Drat, drat, drat, drat, drat!

Just before I changed over computers, I copied almost all of my pictures from the computer to a CD. I was leary about deleting them from my computer, because I didn't want to lose them. I checked the CD several times, and they seemed to be on the CD. I finally deleted them, because I thought it would be too much to move over to the new computer.

Fast forward to now. I popped the CD in my new machine and tried to pull up some pictures. They are gone. There is nothing in many of the folders. Pictures of family, knitting, scenery all gone. The only ones I can retrieve are the ones I've posted here. Blech!

On top of that, I bought a new pair of yoga pants the other day. I know they came home, I've found the tag. But I can't find them! I've checked in usual and unusual places. Howard has looked. I've even gone through the trash from that time until now. Nada. I don't understand!

The laptop thingie is proceeding slowly. Or maybe it just feels slowly. I'm fighting the stitches over the left needle of the circular several times a row, it just isn't feeding. This would be a great time to have ordered the Knitpicks Options kit with the larger needle sizes -- which I hadn't thought I'd need! Then I would put a smaller needle on the left, the correct size on the right and just go around and around without the resistance.

I work out in the same room that has so much of my fleece and the Louet spinning wheel. As I sit there recovering after (I'm usually too shaky to shower at that point, and I really need a shower by the time I'm done) I want to spin. But I'm too shaky. Perhaps soon I'll just start anyway!


Anonymous said...

Wow on the snow!! Oh My... most of ours is gone. I can see the ground and I have bulbs coming up I am feeling shaky also - not from working out but from working on the taxes. Doing just a bit at a time and I am not done... dianne

AlisonH said...

I say, the photos got eaten by the washing machine. Right now, they're partying with my missing socks.

Your snow pictures got me posting about snow in NH yesterday. Beautiful.