Friday, March 23, 2007

We Spell Relief Tora-chan!

Tora-chan is Serena's cat. Serena rescued her when she was a kitten smaller than the palm of my hand. She is now 11. That cat holds a special place in our hearts. Recently, she started acting off. Very sluggish, very needy -- losing weight. She went to the vet today, it isn't the cat food problem as feared. She may have an underactive thyroid. Serena is to give her medication for 3 weeks and take her back for more testing. To tell you the truth, I glad that I'm not giving her medicine! LOL

The vet asked, "is she always this noisy?"
"I mean, does she talk like this ALL the time?"
"Is she EVER quiet?"
"Oh my."

That's Tora-chan, a tortoise-shell cat with a major attitude. All 6 and a half pounds of her. I believe 6 of those pounds are attitude. This is the only cat we ever had who refuses to give in to pressure about food. If she doesn't like it, she won't eat it. She'd rather starve. At one point, we tried giving her to someone else. She was down to 4 pounds when she came back to us, and she still wouldn't eat for the woman! We provided her with her preferred food, and she gained the weight back. We didn't try again. We waited for Serena to have a place where she could have her, and passed over the duty -- the cat makes it quite clear that she owns Serena, the rest of us are good as servants, but we are not her person.

Titania will go in tomorrow to be checked for the cat food problem, as she was exposed as well.


AlisonH said...

Oh Mary. I hope she comes out okay. Goodness.

Robin MacAskill said...

I'm glad it's not the cat food problem for Tora-chan. I hope it's not for Titania either. Such a worry!