Friday, October 27, 2006

Coming Home

Well it took just over 12 hours to get home. We saw a sunrise and a sunset today. I tried to take some pictures of those events, as I honestly don't see both in a normal day! sigh Funny, looking at the pictures, it is hard to tell those which are sunrise and which are sunSET! The first three are sunrise in Colorado, the last two are sunset in Iowa.

This is to announce that we ARE home, and safely. Which is a delight and reason to cheer! There are some changes in the house, the vinyl flooring has been installed in the kitchen and the laundry room. Both rooms are painted (both things a result of severe leaks in the house -- in fact, we left so we could be away while they were affecting these repairs.) We also came home to the surprise that there is no commode in the main bathroom. I'll call tomorrow to find out exactly what is going on as to time to fix the problem. There was a serious leak there, and the flooring has been affected. It would be nice to know if A) it is going to be addressed soon and B) exactly WHEN we will have it. LUCKILY, there is a commode in the laundry room, or I would be greatly distressed! LOL

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dianne noe said...

Yea on being home safe and sound! I loved the pic's of sunrise and sunsets. Both events my favorite times of day because of the dramatic light changes! Snow snow snow - it will be here soon also. Altho not in those amounts, that would I think close down the city for at least a day. We just aren't used to those amounts - 8 to 10 inches here stops most things. ( At least for a day)

Knitting fever has struck with wild knitting going on with several Christmas projects.