Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Vacation Musings

It is lovely to have the whole family together. Even nicer that Serena is hosting it, instead of us! grin (Our turn is coming at Christmas, I hope.)

Nathan and Kim got in early Tuesday morning, their flight was delayed by many hours. Yesterday they explored the area with Howard, and finally were able to get their rental car. They took some gorgeous photos of Red Rocks.

Last night we celebrated Nathan's birthday early. An evening of laughter with the 7 of us together at my parent's condo.

I was pleased to see that their is a gathering of "care scarves" for all of the students and faculty at the school nearby. This is the school where a teenaged girl was murdered in school not long ago. The organizers are asking people to knit/crochet/weave/sew scarves as a visible sign of support. According to the bulletin note, they have gathered 300 of the 600 needed. I'm hoping to get a couple together when I get home and send them this way. If I had known before I left... but isn't that how life goes?

I finished my Mermaid yesterday. Sewed in the last ends this morning, and have realized that I want either a button or hooks and eye for closure. It fits really well, though. Photos to follow when I can download! grin

Hm, what to knit now? I have a partial pair of socks knit, but forgot to bring the information on length of feet for the victim. I have yarn for another pair of socks along. But I really want to knit another Mermaid. Should have brought the yarn along (even though I don't have all that I need) or ...

A winter storm watch for tonight. That means much more snow up here than down in the city. Good thing I don't plan to go too far tomorrow! Tonight I hope to make the Metro Denver Guild meeting, and tomorrow morning is the always fun Evergreen Knotty Knitters. If I have the name wrong, I'm sorry! Not a lot to show off but that's all right.


The Spindling Scot said...

It is sometimes so difficult to bridge the country gap - a child killed at school, how very sad :-(

I am glad the mermaid worked out well and am waiting to see it! I finally tracked down a supplier in the UK...

If you are wondering what to do next, how about taking part in the French knitting and spinnin forums Spin Me A Treasure challenge. Info can be found here:

Regardless of your next project, look after yourself for a week or so, have fun :-)

fiberfanatic said...

This shooting shocked all of us. Two times recently an adult male has come into a school, taken children hostage and killed. This one was killed a teen-aged girl, the other several younger girls. This is a small area, where people know each other. The man was a stranger. The scarves are a way for community members to tell the other children in the high school that they care, but it is also part of healing for the community! There is no excuse for what those men did!

You tempt me with the exchange. I'll sign up when I get home, I bet!