Monday, October 09, 2006

Thoughts? While on Prednisone

I find that prednisone makes it difficult to think some days. Actually, I can think, but it is the detail of making sense that sometimes eludes me.

Yesterday I battled the idea that it would be great to rearrange the furniture in the living room. I managed to avoid doing that, but did move things out of the guest room and into the closet in the fiber room. The closet now holds 2 bedsteads (one double, one twin), the great wheel, the knitting machine and almost all its parts, a rigid heddle loom, my wedding dress and lots of roving. I CAN close the closet doors, which is somewhat amazing.

Today the urge to defrost the upright freezer hit. Now let me tell you that is a task I don't usually do willingly. But there you have it, I defrosted the freezer. No surprises on the contents luckily. Hm, actually, there was a LOT more chicken than I expected. How it wound up in the door instead of on the meat shelf I don't know. But there it was. No, we are NOT out of chicken. LOL

Unfortunately, knitting is almost impossible right now on this dose. I did get 2 rows knit yesterday, but it was a battle getting that much done. In fact (whispering) I stopped in the middle of the row! I am so CLOSE to being to the center of the Mermaid body, it would be wonderful to sit down and GET THERE! Hopefully as the dosage tapers that will be possible, and I'll post a proud achievement post.

On the spinning front, I ordered a new Spin-Dizzy shaft for my laceweight drop spindle from The Bellwether. Unfortunately, it snapped in the move. The old shaft and the new one are both 2 grams. It is a great Turkish spindle. I'm spinning up some brown variegated merino from Belinda in Australia.

I want to start spinning again -- just need to sit down and do it. I started some angora/wool blend while Dianne was here in May, I want to keep spinning it before I forget entirely how to do it. There is so MUCH to be spun up around here, I think my slogan should be "just do it!"

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