Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm back to knitting

Funny how 5 mg of prednisone makes a difference. While I can knit again (YAY!), I'm also wheezing. Which doesn't seem fair. I'd prefer to be able to knit WITHOUT wheezing, thank you very much! Looking forward to the new flooring in the kitchen and the laundry room, which will hopefully remove a lot of mold from the house.

I am within 1 row of being at half of the body. I'm hoping to get the other half of the center back gusset done today, although I am being silly to set goals. I should just enjoy it, and sit back and watch it unfold.

Hm, the hospital where I used to volunteer (and that still keeps me on the rolls as a volunteer) needs more baby hats. Time to whip some out to keep newborn heads warm! I'll have to check -- I don't know if I actually have any baby yarn on hand. Choices are to buy more (what a thought!) or adapt the pattern to use sports weight yarn. I like that idea, I wonder if the hospital will go for it.

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