Thursday, October 26, 2006

Snow, snow, snow, and more snow!

Well, I didn't make it to the Knotty Knitters! We woke up to SNOW!

The snow is up to my knees and still falling. The evergreens around this house are almost white. Some are dropping the load of snow as it gets to be too much, but most are bravely holding on. There wasn't any wind until just a bit ago, but it has started to pick up a bit. I have some wonderful pictures to unload from my camera, the mailboxes just down the hill have snow peaks -- it looks as if the mailboxes are nestled in a cave of snow!

We are planning to grill, so Howard cleared the deck to be able to get TO the grill. The kids decided to go get something from the store (which is surprisingly open) and took the only vehicle up here with 4 wheel drive -- Serena's truck. The other two cars are buried in snow. I suppose we are going to have to free them before evening, as we plan to drive home tomorrow!

Whoops, a big drift just fell off the roof. There was a "whoof" as it fell.

I am so glad that Serena had decided to take today off from work to spend a day with us! This would NOT have been fun early in the morning. The news was saying whiteout conditions for part of the morning. Up another thousand feet in elevation had even more snow than we did, I wonder if our friends made it in to work today!

The ski resorts must be thrilled!


AlisonH said...

Do me a favor? Throw a snowball for me? Not at anybody, just up in the air for sheer gleeful joy is fine. Snow!

Gail said...

Mary -- so sorry you couldn't make it to Evergreen Yarn Floozies for knitting. I didn't make it either. I live at about 9000 feet in north Evergreen and we ended up with 26" of that beautiful white stuff. And no . . . unlike other parts of the country . . . it takes a lot more than a couple of feet of snow to paralyze us. We even got mail delivered yesterday! Hope to see you on your next visit!