Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Drat -- warning this is a vent

Another allergic reaction today, this one put me in the ER. Tongue swelling and some stridor. A feeling as if I was drunk, without having anything to drink. Speech was affected -- I SOUNDED drunk! (This did not help my self-esteem!)

Called the doctor's office, expecting them to tell me to take something and be fine. They sent me to the ER -- if I couldn't get a ride I was to take an ambulance. Luckily the first person I called to give me a ride was able to do so. At the time I wasn't thinking clearly (duh!) and was having problems thinking of someone who lives close and would probably be home. Later, of course, I came up with others. I should probably have that list of names (with phone numbers) on the bulletin board in case it happens again.

After a chest X-Ray and a Benadryl IV, I'm home. Still feeling as if the tongue is swollen (but not as badly) and miffed.

I'd had the same reaction, to a slighter degree last night. The only things that I had in common both times were raw almonds, tea and tomatoes. The ER targeted the almonds as most likely the cause with the tea next. The almonds because I've reacted to peanuts in the past, and many processing plants process many different kinds of nuts. So I am to avoid all nuts in the future. They also listed avoid tea.

Now tea has been a constant companion since I was growing up. I've had to restrict which teas I drink, because some give me migraines. But I've drunk probably 1/2 of a pound of this package ... I don't know if I'm reacting to it or not. Of all the many foods I have had to give up to stay healthy, this hits hardest. I really want to do a physical challenge on it, but don't know if it is worth it.

The tomatoes were passed over as being the problem.

I called my doctor's office once I got home about an Epi-pen, as we are going on vacation, and I don't want to be driving across Nebraska (that is a LONG drive!) and wind up in trouble. I need to go in tomorrow discuss the Epi-pen. Hm, I'd thought it would be a no-brainer.

So, I'm cross and crabby, because my body is being difficult. I know that some of you face many worse things with courage. I know I can too, but it doesn't mean I have to like it! LOL

I have less than 30 rows to knit on the body of the Mermaid. Before all this happened, I'd planned to finish it today. Now, I don't know. It will get done. Soon.

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