Thursday, October 12, 2006

The "S" Word

Well, it had to happen. Winter does tend to arrive in Iowa. And we woke up to a light dusting of snow this morning. I had seen isolated flakes around 5 yesterday afternoon, but nothing to make a fuss about. Actually, what we accumulated was nothing to make a fuss about, but it certainly was there until it melted this morning! You can see the sad looking shed in the back yard, almost graced by the snow.
You can see the light dusting of snow on the rocks in the back yard. Just barely there, don't you think? Harbinger of things to come, though.

Still knitting on the Mermaid and loving it. All other things are on hold while I am so enamored of it. I keep telling myself that I'll be able to wear it -- SOON!


Allena said...

oh man it's getting colder here to and it's supposed to snow tonight! EEK

yarnwright said...

Just wanted to welcome you to the Lace Fans FanListing (also checking to make sure you had reciprocted, grin!) Love your blog, will be back!
OH! BTW, there's a Spinning Fans FanListing too...
You can peek at all the FanListings *I* 'run' by taking a stroll in my blog @

Have a great weekend!
the YarnWright

AlisonH said...

Snow. I am SO jealous.