Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fall is Falling!

We are having roller coaster temperatures, Monday and Tuesday were in the 80s, yesterday and today in the low 70s. The trees started to fall some time back, but they are doing it with seeming eagerness now. There are leaves on the ground, more would be visible, probably, but there was a strong wind that came through yesterday and cleared our yard of them! A nice change from the old house, where we caught all of the neighbor's leaves! When Mike came to rake them up (using a power mower) it would take about 5 hours to get them all. NOT a task to be taken lightly!

As you can see, we have changed the thistle feeder for the suet feeder. The double squirrel baffle is the result of Howard's long-going battle with squirrels. They were able to ignore the first baffle, the two together didn't quite stop them. The squirrels at this house aren't as determined to destroy the feeders. Even the little house feeder on the pole hasn't attracted them -- yet. I wonder if winter's arrival and the scarcity of food will. There are 4 feeders visible in this photo, with another just out of the camera's range. The bird bath has been emptied in readiness for the first frost, which could come at any time.

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Serena said...

The yard looks pretty!