Friday, October 27, 2006

Welcome Titania to the family!

Serena has a new cat, "Titania." She was really reserved when we first got there, but decided that, as is the case in many things which must be endured, to accept us. LOL Welcome Titania to the family! Now most of you perispicacious readers would think that I was actually foisting off pictures of people with Tora-chan, Serena's other cat. No, Titania is ALSO a female tortoiseshell cat, almost the same size and shape. The distinguishing markings are in the muzzle, Titania's has more black and is narrower -- more pointed.

Hm, also the sound levels. Titania is much more demure a cat, she has a dainty mew, where Tora-chan is not afraid of announcing her demands.

Tora-chan, may it be known, was not afraid of demanding her due, she stood on Howard and Nathan's shoulders, and persuaded both of them to bend over, so she could view life as a cat should -- in the dominant position!

Titania is less concerned with appearances, and is quite delighted to be enthralled by such things as cat toys and lazer pointers. May it be noted that Tora-chan is above such things. LOL

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